Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Miss Lady Bug

This past weekend was family fun filled! We had absolutely beautiful weather (as most of you know) so everyone decided it would be a great weekend for a combine ride. And I do concur...it truly was a fantastic weekend for combining.

Side note: We are still smack dab in the middle of harvest. Last year we were done at this time but this year we still have a ways to go. Thankfully all the beans are in but there is still A LOT of corn out there. So I am doing the best I can to hold the fort down here at home with my two silly munchkins. But I have to be honest with ya...I CAN HARDLY WAIT to have Kreg home again every evening. I'm starting to wear out just a bit. We'll get there I know we will.

Anyway, so Saturday my brother and sister-in-law came up for the day with my niece and nephew. I left for a few minutes Saturday evening to go grab us a pizza and when I came home I heard a story that I shall not soon forget. First of all I must tell you that if you do not know my sister-in-law then you are truly missing out. She's hilarious and fun and well let's face it, absolutely terrified of bugs. (keep this in mind for the rest of the story)

So while I was gone Mindy noticed Makayla was chewing on something (gumming it to death is probably a better description). So she did the mom/aunt thing and stuck her finger in Makayla's mouth and pulled out a macaroni noodle. Now you may think that strange but its really not. When Makayla is napping I allow Aiden to combine macaroni noodles. The kid spends every waking hour of his day pretending to drive trucks and tractors so I like to give him a little something to pretend with. I thought I had all of them picked up but i guess not. Well a few minutes later Mindy noticed that Makayla was still chewing on something. So once again she did the mom/aunt thing and swept her finger through Makayla's mouth only this time she PULLED OUT

(wait for it....yes its true......)

Yuck! Makayla had been gumming a full fledged lady bug! Whether it was alive or dead we shall never know because it was definitely dead when it CAME OUT OF HER MOUTH! Now for those of you who know Mindy please feel free to envision her FREAKING OUT just a little bit at that moment.

(Makayla, mommy says no chewing on lady bugs ok!)

A few minutes later Mindy noticed Makayla was still chewing, very bravely she stuck her finger in one more time and pulled out, yes you guessed it, the other half of the lady bug shell. Yuck!

Makayla no more eating lady bugs! If you're hungry just tell mommy. Ok darling.

My mother-in-law nicknamed Makayla "lady bug" a few weeks ago so I guess that makes the old saying true....You are what you eat!

No more lady bugs Miss Lady Bug!
In the words of Aiden, "Baby that's a No No" :)

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