Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall Fabulous!

So I don't like Halloween. I don't like what it celebrates at all but I do enjoy dressing my children up in fun costumes. aka...the farmer and the penguin

And I do enjoy the fall weather and the colorful trees and the smell of harvest. I love fresh apples from the orchard and a pumpkin on my front porch. So with that being said, this year we found a very happy medium to all this. Friday the 30th we had a pizza party with Kreg's extended family and had a blast dressing the kids up in there costumes. (I like to think of it as a mid-harvest/fall party.) Thus I present to you the rooster, the farmer, the fairy, the ninja, a ladybug, and a penguin.

And I just have to share this next picture because well I think its hilarious. The ladybug and the punguin are looking at each other like "Can you believe our parents would dress us up like this and have the nerve to take our picture."

Oh what cute little butter balls!! :)
So, then on halloween the kids and I attended our "trunk or treat" at church. I had fun showing my little munchkins off and Aiden had fun getting lots of candy. (no pictures of this however because it was FREEZING outside so we made our rounds and headed home.)
However, the greatest part of the whole weekend was when we got home from "trunk or treat" it was still early so we still had lots of tricker treaters arriving at our door. At first I thought "Oh man Aiden's going to be scared of the rediculous costumes. And do we really want to start this with our kids?" But then we realized we could choose to put a different spin on things and maybe make this a very positive experience. And indeed we did. Aiden loved handing out candy to all the kids that rang our doorbell. He pretty much gave away all of his own candy. (lesson #1 for Aiden: giving is better than receiving) And along with the candy we had Aiden give out tracks to all the kids that came to the door. The tracks were million dollar bills that look fairly real and fully explain the gospel on both the front and the back. I have to tell you it was so so so cool to watch my almost 3 year old boldy stand at the door and put a gospel track in every single bucket or bag that came to our door. What a great way to take a terribly pagan holiday and teach our children that yes we can still have fun, yes we can still get dressed up, yes we can eat candy, no we don't have to be scared of the costumes because the costumes aren't real, and yes we will face halloween straight in the face and share the gospel. And how cool will it be if our kids grow up handing out tracks on halloween. Our hope too is if Aiden can boldly share the gospel when he's 3 then hopefully he will be able to boldly share the gospel when he's 18 or 25! (lesson #2 for Aiden: Sharing the gospel does not have to be a scary thing.)
So there it is my thoughts on this years October 31st. Now please don't get me wrong, I most definitely respect differing convictions for this holiday. To be honest I wasn't sure what my convictions were until recently. I have gone back and forth with what we should do. But for right now I am happy with how we spent our evening on October 31st. I got to take cute pictures of my kiddos and share the gospel with those that stepped onto our front porch.

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