Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Remedy

This past Friday Makayla came down with croup. Its not been fun to say the least but we're making it and I think we are now through the worst. It was a long weekend with a bit of a scary day on Sunday. She was completely listless, just wanting to sleep on us and laying around on her blankey and by evening she was running a 102 fever. Every time she would cough she would try to cry because it would hurt but she had no voice so she wasn't able to cry either. The tears would come but no noise. It was a very strange thing to have a baby with no voice. That's how she communicates to me...in her crib, if she gets hurt, if she's hungry, if Aiden takes her toy, etc...she gives a little cry. But the past couple days I have just physically had to watch her to make sure she was ok and not just sitting with tears streaming down her face, which did happen on Sunday. This morning however I am happy to report we are starting to hear cute little squeaks again out of my princess, even though the nasty cough is still there. The cute little squeaks are a welcome sound once again.

So with that being said little did I know Aiden has known the cure all along. I should have just asked him sooner. Last night at dinner this is the conversation I had with him.

Me: Aiden we have to be extra gentle with baby because she doesn't feel good. Her throat hurts, especially when she coughs.

Aiden: Baby needs a band aid?

Me: Yeah baby could probably use a band aid? But I don't think we can put one on her throat.

Aiden: (He ponders this for a moment) Baby need a doctor?

Me: Yes baby needed the doctor. But we already took her to the doctor so I don't think we should take her again.

Aiden: Oh ok. (He pauses once again to think and then his eyes light up and he proudly states) Baby need 3 minutes with daddy?

Me: (smile) Oh yes Aiden. That's definitely what she needs. 3 minutes with daddy would make anyone feel better.

So there it is. The remedy. Little did I know my almost 3 year old would have the answer. 3 minutes with daddy....of course! :)

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Allison said...

How precious! I love it. Glad to hear Makayla is on the mend, just in time for Turkey Day! Praying for you guys!