Friday, February 5, 2010

Project Light Fixtures

Last weekend Kreg started a project we got inspired to do while watching HGTV on vacation a few weeks ago. We very much (I'm not aloud to use the word "hate" so I won't say "hate" but I think you get the idea)DISLIKE our brass and white light fixtures. They came with the house and up until a few weeks ago I didn't think I would get to have anything different. I just resolved to dislike my light fixtures because lets face it, its not REALLY that important in the grand scheme of things. But to my absolute joy and delight I was not the only one inspired by HGTV! Kreg was all for spray painting our light fixtures. YIPPPPEEEEEE! To hear him say we could give it a try was music to my ears. So far we have one ceiling fan done and it looks FANTASTIC! I have to say it again...FANTASTIC! Tonight he will be finishing up a couple more of our lights and I CAN HARDLY WAIT to see how they look hanging in my lovely home. Can you tell I'm just a little bit excited?

So here are some before picture:

And here is an after picture:

The picture may not do it justice. But I don't think you would ever know we painted it. To me it looks brand new!

Now if I could just get him into a carpet store... :)


The Kelly's said...

Stacey, it looks so good! I'll have to show this to Tori. She has a couple of fixtures that she hates too. Good job Kreg!

Stacey said...

I can get you the name of the spray paints we used if Tori wants them. The hardest part was taking down the lights and rewiring them but once Kreg had that figured out, the painting part was easy!

Grandma Barb said...

Ok so now your Dad wants to do our whole house!! What did you use and where did you buy it? Dad needs to talk to Kreg although I'm sure he'll pay someone to do it instead of tackling it himself!!!! Mom