Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bring it on!

Bring on the nice weather! The kids and I have been loving it this week! I was taking them outside last week when we made it all the way up to 40 so this week when we hit almost 70 yesterday I was about to grab their swimsuits and hit the pool! Ok well maybe its not quite pool time but we have been spending all the time we can outside. The snow is gone, the birds are chirping, and the word thunderstorms have been mentioned on the weather forecast. I love it!

And Miss Makayla has been loving it as well. As soon as we hit 40 degrees we also had to hit Target for some new kicks so Missy Makayla could walk around outside in more than just soft shoes. It took a few days of adjusting but no troubles now. And she LOVES being outside...just like her big brother. Makayla got to go for her first walk down to the stop sign at the end of our street (a usual summer activity when we are waiting/looking for daddy to come home). And she got to test out the sandbox for the first Aiden favorite. The double jogging stroller also got pulled down from the garage ceiling this week. We've made a few rounds, but somehow it seems a little heavy to push than it did last fall...hmmmmmm....

Disclaimer: I want the record to show, I am not playing favorites here by just having pictures of Makayla all the time. Aiden is at that age when he does not like having his picture taken and only wants it taken at certain times. I tried to snap a few while we were out playing but it was a no go so I don't push it. However, he was in the mood to have has picture taken the other night when he was looking quite cute in daddy's Taylor U. hat.

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Monica said...

Ok, so Kristopher and I were talking about how we haven't seen you guys in so long and we really miss you! So we're trying to think of when we can come up to see you guys...I think you said you have pretty busy weekends, so until I could get my fix, I had to read through your whole blog of 2010 and see all the pics. Love your little family! The kiddos are so precious and I'm so sad we still haven't seen Makayla walk! Anywho, I also think your 'new' light fixture looks amazing!! Ok, in conclusion, we miss you guys and want you to know it. And we need to do something about it... :)