Monday, March 29, 2010


My lack of posting is because we spent a week in Florida!! We left last Friday at 9pm for the 19 hour drive to Cape Coral (near Ft. Myers). Yes we're a little crazy but we thought our kids would sleep and it was the economical decision/the thing you do when you are saving to build a house and put kids through college. We thought Makayla would sleep fine if we drove through the night but wondered about was the exact opposite. Aiden amazed us! He slept great and Makayla was up most of the night! A 19 hour drive with a 14 month old is not something I am anxious to do again anytime soon (especially when she maybe slept a total of 4 hours and she typically sleeps at least 12 hours in a night). She didn't want to play with toys, she didn't want to sleep, she didn't want to watch movies...she just wanted OUT OF THAT CAR SEAT! The poor little thing. But she made it and we had a great trip. We met my family down there and we all stayed together in a beautiful house with a great view, a pool, and a hot tub! We don't get to see my oldest brother and his wife very much so to spend the week with them was a real blessing. And my kids just loved their Uncle Aaron and Aunt Tamara. Who wouldn't...they're just a lot of fun.
Here is Uncle Aaron and Aunt Tam with Aiden, Makayla, and my niece and nephew.

One of the previous renters of the home left a huge Shamoo floaty and I gotta tell ya, I'm not sure what the trip would have been like without Shamoo. He made many appearances. The big thing was trying to get a ride from Shamoo. I love this picture of Kreg.

And of course Aiden needed a ride.

The little girls weren't quite sure about the big pool (at least Makayla wasn't) so we bought them a little kiddie pool. And I may be biased but I think they look scrumptiously cute! You can't tell very well but the boys were enjoying the kiddie pool as well.

This picture is my favorite pic of Makayla the entire trip! Such a Florida girl!

This is my favorite of Aiden. He loved the beach.

Makayla was a big fan of the beach as well. She liked dipping her pretzels in the sand and then eating them. Yuck! And every time the waves would hit her she would yell ferociously at the water!

Family pick at the beach on Sanibel Island. The shells at Sanibel were awesome. There were just piles and piles of really cool ones.

A little family time in the hot tub.

This was the scene during naptime one day. Hilarious!

We had a great trip! I loved every minute of it, except the drive too and from was just a bit too far for our princess. I've decided to enjoy a road trip you must be atleast 3 and up. Aiden is ready to go back already!

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Monica said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun, Stacey! So glad it was such a nice trip - well, besides Makayla not enjoying the ride too much. :) Kristopher told me Kreg called about a possible visit in a few weeks! Is it ok if I pray for rain in Sharpsville?? :)