Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Adventures of Aiden and Lucy Part 2

The day started off slow for us today. Aiden was still asleep when Lucy arrived this morning. But once he got up it wasn't much time and we were off and runnin.

Lucy knew her way around better today so we did some exploring this morning. And we ended up in the family room for a while.

But the day really got going when Kreg came home for lunch and had a hand in things for a bit. Aiden knows daddy is always up for some fun so Aiden enjoyed teasing Lucy by hanging upside down over her booster seat. I couldn't quite capture the delight on both their faces.

After lunch we went outside for a walk and ended up at the playground in the apartment complex, attached to our neighborhood. They both thought this was pretty fun. The swings sort of made them fly like superman.
And on our walk back home I looked down and this is what I see:

Yes they were holding hands! (I'm glad I had my camera) I have a feeling my son may have started this. haha....he is never leaving the house once he reaches the teenage years. It was very cute. I think they are becoming friends. This morning every time Lucy crawled/walked away from her sippy cup Aiden took it to her (and didn't try drinking it himself...thank you Aiden) and then he would go get his sippy cup and we would have little milk breaks. more to come tomorrow.....

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