Thursday, April 3, 2008

Aiden Mania

Here are some random pictures of Aiden we've taken over the past few weeks...

Such a charmer

He loves to talk on the phone, especially cell phones. Where he gets this from I'm not really sure because Kreg and I aren't really phone people. Please take note of his nose in this picture and the following too. We were outside playing and he saw a dog and took off after it. His body moved but his feet weren't sure what was going on and somehow he landed on his nose. No other scratches just a nice sidewalk burn on his nose. I picked him up to soothe him and he got mad at me because the dogie got away.

Aiden got to visit his cousin Luke a couple weeks ago. They are starting to "play" a little bit together and its rather cute.

Aiden finally ate some meat! He decided a couple months ago he was a vegetarian but that's not going to fly in this hog farming family. A couple weeks ago I made a ham in the crock pot and I cooked it in a can of coke. It was delicious and Aiden actually loved it! He couldn't get enough. We were so proud of him (thus Kreg giving the thumbs up) but what I didn't think about was the caffeine that's in coke. Yep you guessed it. At 10 pm when Aiden was still awake it finally dawned on me why. I'm not really sure how much he slept that night. We heard him talking on and off almost all night long. oops....sorry buddy. No more coke for you!

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Megan said...

Yum, ham cooked in coke sounds amazing! You should post the recipe! You have an adorable son, by the way! I love how much he looks like you guys! As for driving through Indiana... we may be headed that way at the end of July when we head back to Kansas. We haven't decided our route yet, but if it takes us near Kokomo, I'll be sure to call you up!