Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Washington and Home Again

Well since my last post Aiden and I have traveled the country and back. We returned yesterday from a week long trip to Washington State to visit much of my extended family. It was great to see my cousins, Aunts and Uncles, and grandparents. Aiden was a wonderful traveler but the trip out and back got a bit long for him. Going out there was just about the longest day of my life. There were a few moments I wasn't sure how we were going to make it but we did. Our flight out of Indy got delayed because of bad weather in Chicago so we ended up flying to Denver and we didn't get into Seattle until late. by the time we rented the car and arrived at my cousin Shelly's house it was almost midnight or 3 am Indiana time! My baby boy was up for seventeen hours with just two small catnaps. He just couldn't get comfortable on mom or I so the last hour and a half of the trip were miserable for him. Once he finally hit his car seat he conked out for the night. He didn't even wake up when we arrived at my cousins and I carried him upstairs and put him to bed.

But once we got to see family the next day we were definitely glad we made the trip. I hadn't been out to Washington in over 4 years and it was definitely time. We spend Wednesday near Seattle with my cousins and Aunt Janice. Then Wednesday evening mom and I drove over the pass to get to my grandparents house in Ellensburg. They live just over the mountains in a little college town (home of Central Washington University). We had a lot of fun relaxing with grandma and grandpa and are very thankful to them for hosting us for the week. Aiden definitely entertained everyone.

Mom had the brilliant idea of putting Aiden in a paper bag and then filling the bag with Lego's and blocks. I think he quite enjoyed it and we did just about anything to keep him entertained and happy on this trip.

Aiden copying mom. He liked to lay on the floor and do anything she did. i.e. wiggle their feet, tap their hands on the floor.

Aiden thought it would be lots of fun to put mommy's shoes on. Whatever makes you happy buddy.

Saturday was supposed to be the big 80th birthday party for my grandparents but the party got postponed because of bad weather. The pass was requiring snow tires or chains and most of the family needed to drive the pass to get to Ellensburg. We were sad to have the party canceled but we still had our own little party with my Uncle Doug, Aunt Linda, and my cousins Alyssa and Emily. It was so nice to see them again.

Mom and I headed back over the pass to stay with Chuck and Shelly again on Monday. Here are a couple pictures I took of the pass.

Aiden stayed busy while traveling as you can tell:

HE's a genius.....Sudoku at 15 months! Amazing!

And I think Sudoku tuckered him out. Isn't he cute. Why is it we always think they're cute when they're sleeping?? Maybe because they're quiet!

It was a great trip and we certainly wish we could see everyone more often. Next time I will have to make sure Kreg can go so he can meet everyone. But without Kreg with us Aiden and I were definitely ready to get home yesterday. Aiden sure missed daddy....or maybe mommy missed daddy....maybe more the latter. On the way home we flew right over the mountains. Beautiful!


Suzy said...

It was great to see you and Aiden and Aunt Barb! Hopefully next time you come out, we'll have more time.

Robyn said...

We were SO sad we missed you guys! We made it just East of Portland before we realized the pass we were going to go over needed chains and we weren't prepared for snow. Rob and Titus didn't even have jackets... so we figured it was a bad idea. We were looking forward to seeing you and Aunt Barb and meeting this gorgeous little guy though!