Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kreg had an absolutely fabulous idea today. When we took him lunch he said to bring Aiden's portable booster seat with us. OK! We strapped him in and away they went! Aiden rode with Kreg probably close to 90 mins or so workin up the ground. Meanwhile, I had myself a nice long run on the country roads and because Aiden was being so good I also got to do my weekly CVS shopping.

Don't they look cute in this picture. The tractor has an extra seat and it fit Aiden's booster perfectly. I armed Kreg with a paci, sippy cup, ziploc of jelly beans, and a piece of string cheese. I think Aiden loved it!

It's hard to see Aiden but he's in there. It was so cute to see him waving at me when I pulled up to pick him back up. He was waving vigorously in the window. He looked like such a little man sitting in there with Kreg.

And one more picture because this was just a fabulous idea! Way to go honey!

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Kevin and Jessica said...

Kreg, you are a man, I am only a boy. (my initial reaction to these blog pictures) Kevin