Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Aiden all ready for bed. Its really funny to see him walk around in his little sleep sac. The bedtime necessities are of course: pj's, paci, blanky, and sleep sac. He is such a good sleeper. Hardly ever does he cry when we put him down. We sing Jesus Loves Me, play a little game of "pass the paci," rock and cuddle with blanky for a few minutes, and then he lays down with a smile, without a fuss (he fusses every once in a while but it is quite rare), and puts himself to sleep. Yes I am counting my blessings for his good sleeping habits.

Kreg and I have always tried to be consistent with bedtime and we never let Aiden "control" his bedtime. When we said it was bedtime we meant it and thus Aiden doesn't argue and bedtime is a peaceful time in our house. If he does cry then we know somethings wrong....teething, tummy, lost his paci, etc. Anyone that has little ones or will have a little one soon then I highly recommend the book "Baby Wise" It helps teach parents how to get your babies on a routine and has kept Kreg and I from a lot of frustration many parents experience when their little one can't convey what they need and the parents aren't sure why their baby is crying. If you already have kids and experience these frustrations then its not too late to get your kid/kids on a good routine. I recommend "The Baby Whisperer" if you're in the toddler or older ages. I don't agree with everything the book says but the basic principals make sense and work. Aiden was sleeping through the night at 9 weeks and has done so ever since. Aiden is not on a schedule (times vary some each day) but he is on a routine, there is a difference. And having a routine each day makes our days much more peaceful and enjoyable.

Can any parents back me up on this? Has anyone else read these books and with consistency had success?

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Kelli Lightfoot said...

I have not read the books, but am a big believer in consistency as well. We've been luck that Lucy has been a great sleeper from the start as well and go through the same routine every night with her for bedtime (the time can vary, although its usually 8, but the routine is definitely important).