Saturday, March 28, 2009

2 months!

Miss Makayla is officially two months old today. Yesterday she had her 2 month check up and she is weighing in at just under 10 lbs. She was a trooper for her first round of shots. She cried but calmed down quickly and then pretty much slept the rest of the day. I think it stressed her out more than it appeared.

She is smiling and "cooing" a lot these days! I think she is "talking" a lot more and a lot earlier than Aiden did...we've decided its because she's a girl. :)

And a picture of Makayla with her daddy:

Aiden has been with my parents since Thursday night so Makayla has been enjoying some alone time with us. In only two months time I had already forgotten how much more time I had on my hands with only 1 kid to care for. Its unbelievable how much I have been getting done! Its been a really nice break but I must admit that I do miss the pitter patter of his little feet running everywhere. Below is a picture my mom sent me of Aiden on his way to "pawpaw's" house Thursday night (that's what he calls my dad.) He is really attached to pawpaw these days and was obviously excited to be going home with pawpaw.

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