Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Out For a Stroll!

We got our new double jogging stroller yesterday! And it was a perfect 70 degree day so we took it for a test drive. It was fantastic! The kids both did great. Aiden just sat up and looked all around taking it all in and Makayla took a little snooze. We were probably out for about 45 mins and not once did Aiden ask to get out and walk. Kreg came home from work early too so we all went for a jog together. It felt soooo good to get out and walk/run.

I rolled blankets and placed them on both sides of Makayla so she was nice and snug. And her sun hat was about 10 sizes too big but she didn't care. The rim was nice and stiff so it stayed off her face and actually shaded her eyes really well, not to mention she looked so cute in it! Aiden looks cute too. He was soooo excited to get going.

And a pic with me and the kids:

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