Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Great Weekend

We had more fun times this past weekend. Kreg took Friday off so our weekend started early which was so nice! I'm almost daily telling Kreg he works too much and asking him to stay home with us, knowing he can't (having land and hogs doesn't leave much of an "off season"). But on Friday he did! I don't even remember what we did. I don't think we did much but it was just nice to be around the house. And then Friday evening we headed down to my parents for the weekend. It had been almost a month since my dad had seen the kids so we definitely needed to remedy that. Aiden asks for "pa pa" all the time so the poor kid needed a "Pa Pa Hansen fix."

Saturday we relaxed. Kreg played basketball at our old church. And then we took Aiden to Toys R Us to spend the gift card he got from my Aunt Linda and Uncle Doug! Thanks again Aunt Linda and Uncle Doug! Aiden loved it. And it was fun for Kreg and I too. We left Makayla with my mom so Aiden could have a little time with just daddy and mommy. We wandered around the store for a while (Aiden got sidetracked by the choo choo trains for a bit) but eventually he picked out a farm truck with some animals in it. We have noticed him pretending a lot more. Last week for the first time he played for an hour and a half by himself doing organized play i.e. making his animals talk to each other, taking them for rides in his tractors and cars, and setting up little "farms." I was amazed. I did house work and wasn't even in the same room with him most of the time and he could care less. This is a huge change for Aiden. Normally he won't play unless I am right there with him. So this change is great! Even now he is letting me type while he plays with his new truck and animals. They just said "bye bye" to each other.

Sunday it was great to see our Indy church family. We love our new church here in Kokomo but I especially miss so many of the family's I grew up with down there. And Sunday afternoon we had a birthday party for my dad. This Thursday he officially turns 60! However he neither looks nor acts like he is 60 and I think anyone that knows my dad would agree with this statement.
So here are a couple pics from the weekend:

Aiden had lots of good play time with cousin Luke! It is so cute to watch them run around together. They play really well together. They steal toys from each other every once in a while but the problem generally gets worked out fairly quickly. They're good buds.

And Makayla had lots of sweet smiles for everyone. She is doing so well. I couldn't have asked for a better baby. She is my little sleeper too. Last night Kreg and I were discussing she may quite possibly have his sleeping abilities....which means she can sleep anywhere, anytime, and fall asleep instantly. Yes Kreg most definitely has these abilities (sometimes I am a bit jealous). Makayla likes to sleep in til 9 or 9:30 every morning...so not what I am use to with Aiden!

Isn't she just so cute!

And last I had to include a picture of Aiden this morning at breakfast. I love when his hair is longer because it pretty much guarantee's a crazy fun hairdo just about every morning. This morning his "wings" were so big I thought he might fly away on me.

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