Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Makayla's Room

Well the final piece of decoration for Makayla's nursery arrived Monday. I ordered a wall decal of her name to put above her crib. I love it! So I just had to post some pictures. Her room was our guest room before she was born (the new guest room got moved to the junk room and we no longer have a junk room...a good thing). It was already painted blue and Kreg asked if we could leave it blue since we just painted it last winter when we moved here. So I incorporated the blue in with pink and brown. It turned out great and I am so glad we left it blue.

So here is her crib with decorations. And please notice Makayla sitting in the corner of her crib. What a cutie pie!

And here is the changing table. I had to include this picture too because I just love the pink and brown baskets.

And here is a close up of Makayla hanging out in her crib with her friends. She has her hippo and her cute little bear all the way from Disney World. Both have been recent gifts from friends!

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Grandma Barb said...

I sure have cute grandchildren, you don't think I'm prejudice do you???