Thursday, March 26, 2009

My little hog farmer!

Now that Aiden understands that daddy doesn't just ride around on tractors all day/everyday, he asks me (just about daily, if not multiple times per day) if he can "help daddy with pigs." It sounds something like this "I wanna heep daddy wid peags." Something like that. So......Kreg called me on Wednesday and said it was a good time to bring Aiden if I wanted to. Sure! And oh my when I told Aiden we were headed to the farm to help daddy with pigs well the word "excited" just doesn't explain it. He loved it too! Kreg said he did very well. He wasn't scared of the pigs (they can be very noisy and squeal really loud at times) and he had no problem walking through the hog barns. I can't really explain what the inside of the hog barns are like. It stinks terribly and there are thousands of hogs but it is very fascinating how the whole operation works. If you want to come see for yourself feel free to schedule a visit. Kreg would be glad to show you around.

Anyway, Aiden got to help Kreg move hogs from one barn to another. So he got the best of both worlds...pigs and tractors (and daddy)! My son just thought there was nothing better than that. So that is what they are doing in the picture below. They were getting ready to unload the trailer of pigs into the barn. The pigs are kept together according to size so as they grow they are sometimes placed in different barns. I think Kreg said most of the ones they were moving here were around 30lbs. To give you an idea they like to sell them around 290lbs.

We may start letting Aiden help Kreg once a week if possible. I dropped him off an hour before lunch time so it wouldn't be too much for Aiden. Planting will start in a couple weeks so Aiden will probably forget about the pigs for a while because he'll be getting lots of tractor rides with daddy.

Ok so Kreg is holding Aiden on the left. Kreg's dad Tim is in the middle and his cousin Eric is in the trailor. No one looks happy in this picture because they didn't know I was taking it. They were talking and I didn't want to interupt. What do you think of Kreg's work attire?? haha...his dress shirts and ties don't get much use any more.

And here is Aiden upclose with the hogs. He doesn't look very happy but he was really concentrating on what was going on and way too busy watching everything to actually smile. And I think he was still in shock that he was actually going to "heep daddy wid peags"
And please note his boots. I just love the boots!


Jessica said...

Aiden is so adorable in those boots! I got a chance to go to the Neiers farm while at Taylor and cut up pig meat and make sausage, it was all very fascinating. They even let me process a piglet... which was harder than I thought!

I talked to Dustin and we are interested in getting together the weekend Heather comes into town! Let us know the details!

The Kelly's said...

I was just thinking the other day about how much Wyatt would love seeing the farm. We should plan a date for Megan and I to come up there and we can bring Wyatt!

Heidi Stone said...

well that's not ENTIRELY true. i'm pretty sure Kreg was wearing a dress shirt at church last Sunday....right? :)

Stacey said...

Good point Heidi. Kreg was in a dress shirt at church Sunday. But he has a whole closet full from when he worked at his desk job so there are many that never get worn. But maybe I should rephrase it to just say that his ties don't get much use anymore. :)