Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Football and Apples

Sunday Kreg, Aiden, and I watched a very sad colts game. Aiden wasn't quite sure how to react at mommy and daddy jumping around the room, yelling at the tv. But when he heard us clap or heard cheering on tv he would clap too. He didn't know what was going on but he knew he should be clapping. It was very cute. During the game Kreg decided he needed a snack. When Aiden saw Kreg's choice of snack (an apple) it was instant jealousy. With mouth gaping open he began to "clap" because he really really wanted one too. Aiden clapping and his sign for "more" are one in the same. So we gave in and gave him an apple. He loved it! The apple was almost as big as his head but he didn't care. I bite the apple skin off a few places so he can get to the juice and he goes to town gnawing on it. Today I gave him one and it occupied him for atleast a good 25 minutes! And a heavenly 25 minutes it was.

Aiden and Daddy eating apples.

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