Friday, November 9, 2007

Lunch Time Tantrum

Aiden set a new record for himself today. A 25 minute tantrum. I think I mentioned this but he has decided he doesn't like any food besides bread and cheerios (bread being the favored of the two). Although we know this is not true. He has been eating quite the assortment of fruits and vegetables for months now. And has even learned to like chicken some too. We don't want him to think he can just eat bread all the time for the obvious reason that I want him to learn to eat a variety of foods. But we also don't want him thinking he has the upper hand around here. We want to communicate to him that mommy and daddy love him but our no means no and we mean it the first time we say it. But while he sat and cried and screamed during lunch today I realized for the first time how easy it is for parents to go so wrong with their kids. I wanted so much to just give in and give him the bread, make it all better for him, and comfort him but I knew I would be teaching him all the wrong things. But every ounce of me just yearned to give in. But after 25 minutes of serious crying he finally ate his peaches and his green beans. I felt the yearning to give in but I also saw the outcome of obedience. Discipline and consistency work. I sympathize and have more compassion for parents now but I also see its still not an excuse for disobedience. Consistency works. And when Aiden was done he got to eat some bread and then we played and laughed and he still loved me and I of course will always be head over heals for my son. Aiden may not "like" me at certain times but I know he will always love me and even more so for being consistent with him.

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