Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Nice Fall Day

Aiden and I spent the day at home today. We played with paper (loves to tear it up into itsy bitsy pieces), made some more baby food for him, and tried to practice our crawling. He just can't quite figure it all out but I think we're making progress. He thinks it's really funny when I crawl around in front of him to show him how. I'm sure everyone reading this would like to see that too! I also took Aiden to Grandma Hansen's backyard to play in the leaves. I tried to get some cute pictures but I'm not exactly a photographer.

My first time in the leaves!

One of the few smiles we got. For some reason he was really mellow when we went outside.

We also went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner tonight! hmmm hmmmm good. We brought a piece of cheesecake home to eat later tonight (White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle). We went with Mom and dad, Mark and Mindy, and baby Luke. It was the first time we have all been to dinner together since Luke was born. The babies did very well though. Luke was a bit tired but enjoyed a nap in grandma's arms while we ate. Aiden being such a huge fan of bread was occupied with all the brown bread he got to eat. Thank you to Hansen Custom Homes for a such a nice company dinner out!


The Harberts said...

keep up the great blogs!

Suzy said...

Stacey- he is just the cutest little thing! I love reading your blog. I miss Autumn in Indiana. So pretty!

I miss you!

Daniel and Megan said...

What an adorable baby boy you have!! I'm so happy for you Stacey! Keep up the blogs... it's so fun to see what you're up to!