Thursday, November 1, 2007

My little penguin and my cute bear

Aiden decided he would dress up as a penguin (thanks to my dearly missed college roomy!) and trick or treat at grandma's house last night. He was of course the cutest penguin I have ever seen! He wasn't too sure about having such a snug fit around his face but he got use to it and even gave a few smiles. He was even nice enough to share his candy with mommy and daddy! My parent's neighbors gave him a little bag of animal crackers and he hung on to them the entire evening. Then this morning after I got him up it was the first thing he grabbed (they were still laying on the floor from the night before...oops).

Every night after bath time we wrap Aiden in his bear towel, thanks to my friend Sue! Thanks Sue! I thought this picture we too cute not to share. Aiden has made a few big strides in the last week. He is standing lots more (still not crawling however) and he is starting to take steps with his feet when you stand him up (and hold on to him). He also learned to say "more" in sign language. He just started doing it on Sunday. He does it ALL the time now. I'm not sure if he really wants something or if he has just learned to clap. But its really cute none the less. He is interacting with us a lot more and mimicking us. Last night at dinner he kept shaking his head back and forth really fast. So then Kreg and I would shake ours and he thought it was the funniest thing. Today I told him to "shake his brain" and several times he actually shook his head! I can see him starting to understand some language now and it's so neat to watch him learn.

My cute little bear!

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Shelly said...

Love the "Replay" shirt :)