Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thankful for Thanksgiving

I think I can officially mark in the record books that Aiden had a fabulous first Thanksgiving. We headed up to Sharpsville, Indiana Wednesday evening to spend the remainder of the week with Kreg's family. We did lots of relaxing, a little shopping, lots of eating, and LOTS of Wii playing! Yes I have to admit that if we had a Wii here at home I think I would have to consider myself an addict. I didn't think a video game could be considered "exercise" but I understand see I get a little bit more into than I should...and well I am actually sore today. Yes sadly you read correctly. My right arm is really sore. All day I kept thinking why is my arm so sore? Did I really carry Aiden around that much the past couple of days? And then it hit me...THE Wii! At least its just my arm that's sore but I think its time to up my exercise routine to a more vigorous level...I shall start tomorrow (or the next day :).

The Friday night after Thanksgiving the extended Salsbery family has a tradition of celebrating Christmas together. Hard to believe this was already my fourth year to attend the Christmas party. We all gather in Grandpa and Grandma's basement, eat pizza, hang out, and play the $5 gift exchange game. And then Grandma gives everyone their stocking loaded with goodies.

The grandchildren (including great grandchildren) and their stockings.

Aiden had a blast at the Christmas Party (until it was bedtime). He loved playing with his cousin Jack all weekend...well I say "playing" but what I mean is poking, hitting, and stealing toys from each other. I guess we aren't quite to the playing together stage but we still like to try.

Aiden and Jack sharing the car...I think it was Jack's turn to drive :)

And I have to post a few other picks of Jack and Aiden together. They both loved playing the piano (Aiden was just introduced to it this weekend)

Quite the duet...obviously two child prodigy's here. (Jack on the left; Aiden on the right)

We were trying to get them to smile but it wasn't working so we gave them each an apple...not sure how we thought that would help but it's still cute.

And at least they kept looking in the same direction.

Over all it was a weekend filled with more wonderful memories and blessed time with family. Kreg and I are again reminded and truly thankful for the wonderful families we have on both sides. We can't wait to be with them all again for Christmas!

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