Monday, November 19, 2007

Shout out to Deli Workers

Its been a very normal Monday for me...feed Aiden breakfast, feed Kreg breakfast, then my turn; crawl around on the floor and play with Aiden; make the bed; go for a jog (oops forgot this part today.....ok well I didn't forget but I felt lazy); and then go to the grocery store. Lucky for me Grandma Hansen volunteered to keep Aiden while I shopped......yeeessssssss! I grocery shop pretty much every Monday morning and I rather enjoy grocery shopping except for 3 things. 1) Monday morning there seems to be a rather abundant amount of elderly folk shopping for their groceries as well and well lets just say they are quite feisty! Has anyone else had this experience? Some are very funny and when I have Aiden with me just about every grandma that passes us has to stop and smile at him, poke him, or try to make him laugh (always good times). But there are those that are out to get me! Seriously......crazy cart drivers on a mission and they don't like it when I get in their way or when I stand too long in one spot reading labels (again getting in the way....oops). This tends to put a damper on my shopping experience. 2) Ok well the second thing that irks me is the unkind treatment of deli workers! I mean seriously.....its just lunch meat people. You're just going to slap it between two pieces of bread lathered with "stuff" and swallow it. Does it really matter what size the slice is? The poor deli workers have to take a lot of slack and I just want them to know I feel for them. I try and be extra kind to my deli ladies. I don't care what thickness the meat is or if they give me .51 lbs instead of .50. Its ok....I'll pay the extra nickel. So next time you get meat from the deli give the workers an extra smile and say hi. I actually think I've become friends with a couple of the meijer deli ladies and who knows maybe one of these days I can share Christ with them. No more Uncle Scrooges at the deli counter please! 3) Thirdly the plastic bags they have available to put your produce in... I can never get those things open. I think I stood there for 5 minutes trying to get one end of the bag to open up so I could put my grapes in something. I've been trying to think of an alternative but have yet to solve this dilemma. I'm always glad when I have the produce part done!

And those are my thoughts on this routine Monday morning.

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